10th anniversary of Mr Thorsten Nitschke

Our colleague Thorsten Nitschke will celebrate his 10th anniversary at the DTG eG on 1st January 2015.

46-year-old Nitschke started his career in 1984, training as a forwarding agent at the Duisburger Frachentkontor where he then worked in truck scheduling. During this time, he completed his 15-month military service in 1989.

After moving to Wintrans in July 1991, he started engaging himself in the scheduling of inland waterway vessels. After several business transfers, Wintrans finally became Lehnkering Reederei, where Mr Nitschke was active until 31st December 2004.

On 1st January 2005, he joined the Duisburg scheduling department of DTG eG where he was granted power of attorney after only six months in July 2005.

We congratulate Mr Nitschke on his 10th anniversary and hope that he will be with our team for a long time yet.