Looking ahead with confidence!

“Let man be a noble creature, helpful and good to others, because this alone
differentiates man from all other beings that we know”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

We would like to take you into the New Year with this quotation and the reminder that only humans  have the  possibility to do  so  many  noble  things: to  question our actions  in a responsible manner; to correct wrongdoing; to show compassion; to not selfishly exploit weakness, but to utilize our strengths for the benefit of others.

The whole DTG-Team and our colleagues from ARNO-Ship would like to thank you for your support and cooperation in the past year. We wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and look forward to continuing our relationship as fair partners in 2020.

As in previous years, we are once again supporting two charitable organisations this year, instead of sending out presents. The volunteers of the Hamburger Spendenparlament help to distribute charitable donations fairly to a number of charities. The Bunter Kreis Duisburg e.V. helps to provide care and support to seriously ill children and their families.

Office in Andernach

As part of the planned closure of the TGB, we are closing our branch office in Andernach as of 31.12.2019.

Oliver Keip will continue working for the DTG.
His new telephone number is: +49 2 03 | 8 00 04-25
His mobile number, his fax number and his email address will remain the same.

Marion Marino is going into well-deserved retirement. We would like to express our thanks for her twenty-plus years of service and wish her all the best for the future.