It’s time …

… to say thank you for the things of the past so that the things of the future can start well.

The “fairy godmother” of our Hamburg office, Rita Hammer, is retiring on 28 February 2021 after almost 30 years with our company.

We would like to thank her for her loyalty, her willingness to listen and for all the good she has done.

We send her our best wishes for the future, which will be very different from now, but also very special. Above all, we wish her good health.

DTG presents Alexander Calvelli

One of our DTG members made us aware of the industrial painter Alexander Calvelli, who is well-known for his photorealistic paintings of industrial, mining and shipping scenes.

We were so enthusiastic about his work, and so captivated by his personality, that we set up a small exhibition of his pictures in our offices in Duisburg – as the following photos show.

His pictures are a great idea as a present for special occasions, or for someone special from our type of business.

If you are interested in one of these pictures, or would like to view many further pictures, please contact the artist direct:

Alexander Calvelli
Teutoburgerstr. 8
50678 Köln 

Phone: +49 221|3404146

We wish Alexander Calvelli success for the future and inspiration for many further works of art!


ZENIT: Greifer (im Hafen Cuxhaven); Acryl/Papier; 18,4 x 25

Schleuse Mainz-Kostheim; Acryl/Papier; 20,2 x 27,5

Schleuse Hohenwarthe: Schwimmpoller; Acryl/Papier; 20,6x27,4

Schleuse Minden; Acryl/Papier; 19,7x29,9

Schleuse Mainz-Kostheim; Acryl/Papier; 18,7 29,3

Schleuse Offenbach; Acryl/Papier; 26,2x15,4

FRANZ HANIEL 14 im Duisburger Hafen; Acryl/LW; 59x43

Auf dem Mittellandkanal (in Lohne); Acryl/Papier; 29,9 x 21