DTG DEUTSCHE TRANSPORT-GENOSSENSCHAFT BINNENSCHIFFFAHRT eG (DTG German Inland Navigation Association) is ready to meet any challenge and to offer flexible solutions anytime. DTG is a reliable and sustainable partner for customers and private boatmen. Our successful freight and goods traffic is based on competence and trust. With more than 100 vehicles and a total capacity of 150,000 tons, we offer size, safety, and experience. Rely on us.
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Level name Level Time Previous day
Koblenz 134 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 145 cm
Duisburg-Ruhrort 293 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 297 cm
Maxau 426 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 426 cm
Kaub 137 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 147 cm
Köln 198 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 208 cm
Mannheim 209 cm 29.05.2020|5 Uhr 225 cm


Office in Andernach

As part of the planned closure of the TGB, we are closing our branch office in Andernach as of 31.12.2019. Oliver Keip will continue working

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