DTG DEUTSCHE TRANSPORT-GENOSSENSCHAFT BINNENSCHIFFFAHRT eG (DTG German Inland Navigation Association) is ready to meet any challenge and to offer flexible solutions anytime. DTG is a reliable and sustainable partner for customers and private boatmen. Our successful freight and goods traffic is based on competence and trust. With more than 100 vehicles and a total capacity of 150,000 tons, we offer size, safety, and experience. Rely on us.
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Level name Level Time Previous day
Koblenz 20 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 22 cm
Duisburg-Ruhrort 156 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 160 cm
Maxau 318 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 314 cm
Kaub 25 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 27 cm
Köln 70 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 76 cm
Mannheim 88 cm 22.10.2018|5 Uhr 87 cm


Fresh homepage

Our webpage is getting a big update. This will make it more elaborate, but it will also optimise how it displays on all end devices.

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DTG & the GDPR

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is keeping all companies with a website on their toes – and not only in Germany. Us too.

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App with vision

Our barge owners constantly have to fill out forms. Collecting documents, drawing up papers or at least signing forms. And many days or even weeks

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