DTG committed to heart security in Ruhrort

The Ruhrort traditional company Deutsche Transport-Genossenschaft Binnenschifffahrt eG dedicates itself to Ruhrort.

Mr. Spranzi, member of the Executive Board of DTG: “When the idea came up to purchase a defibrillator for our company I thought it might be a good idea to pass on its benefits to people from our neighbourhood.

Our DTG team is committed not only to inland navigation but also to our location in Ruhrort. The people living here have true hearts of gold. Yet, in cases of emergency in our immediate vicinity, we had the problem of a missing infrastructure: neither the school nor the kindergardens or retirement homes are supplied with a defibrillator although time is a critical survival factor after a heart attack.”

Also the Managing Director of mekontor GmbH & Co. KG, Mr. Schmitz, is aware of this problem. If first aid is given immediately after a heart attack and first-aiders start reanimation parallel to the use of a defibrillator, survival chances for emergency patients rise considerably with even shorter recovery times. With every single minute passing without help, survival chances following a heart attack drop by approximately 10-12%.

Even though the fire station in Homberg is not far away, the nearest ambulance might be off to another emergency and teams from remote rescue centres might not be able to arrive within eight to ten minutes. Therefore, a supply of defibrillators will definitely help adding heart security to Ruhrort.

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How can you offer added value to your customer?

Simply combine your company’s core product – inland navigation with a fleet of more than 100 inland vessels – with new components like forwarding, truck transport, coastal shipping, warehousing and transshipment, thus mastering complex logistics chains and offering your customers a one-stop solution.

This is one goal of our interest in EWT Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH, Duisburg.

Roberto Spranzi, Louis Kanters, Stephan C. Schmidt, Matthias Bunger

With their headquarters in Duisburg, EWT Schifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH have been providing reliable and efficient logistics since their foundation in 1951, covering the entire supply chain with modern technical equipment.

New Year’s greetings

“If you keep looking into the rear-view mirror during your life’s journey, don’t be surprised to hit the wall.”

That’s why we’ll just give a cursory glance back and rather give our thanks to all our business partners, our members and employees of the DTG and the ARNO-Ship teams for the trust you’ve placed in us, as well as for the cooperative relationship and your commitment during the past year.

Let us all look ahead now, take on the challenges of the New Year and meet them together in a fair way.

Our aim is to remain your reliable partner in 2017.


Final "shift"

After more than 37 years of service for the TGB and the DTG in Andernach, Gaby Kleemann has left our ship. On the occasion of her official adoption on 9 December 2016, she convinced us in saying that she would do so with mixed feelings.

Thus, the good, fair and collegial cooperation with our customers, our members and her colleagues of the DTG ended on 16 December 2016.

From now on, Gaby will focus on her little granddaughter Hannah and her husband Günter. She will also be more concerned about her hobby, tennis, and will have time to watch biathlon competitions and matches from an unspecified football league.

Supervisory and Executive Board and all our employees wish Gaby healthiness, good luck and all the very best for the future.

DTG at STL fair

On 27 and 28 September 2016, DTG attended the German-Dutch Shipping-Technics-Logistics (STL) trade fair as exhibitor for the first time in Kalkar, Lower Rhine. During this successful trade fair, many interesting conversations were held, offering DTG unique opportunities to make new contacts with shippers and barge owners.

Also, the DTG stand was well received both by customers and exhibitors. Apart from DTG’s CEO Roberto Spranzi, three staff members from the scheduling department were present in teams of two on each day.


DTG strengthens Hamburg team

On 1 September 2016, Mr. Tobias Stuckenschneider started working for our Hamburg branch.

The 32-year-old transport specialist, who was born in Hamburg, completed both his high school graduation and his training as a forwarding and logistics services agent. He is a professional who has spent his previous professional life within the field of inland waterway transport.

We are looking forward to working with Tobias Stuckenschneider and we are confident that he will use his extensive knowledge to the benefit of our customers and members.

DTG Magdeburg welcomes new colleague

On 1 June 2016, Ms. Jacqueline Kurth started working at our Magdeburg branch.

Ms. Kurth was born in 1975 and is originally from Burg. After school, she first worked in the catering and hotel trade and then changed to the field of logistics in 2009.
Being a skilled trader for forwarding and logistics services with several years of professional experience, she has convinced us to be the right person to add to our team in Magdeburg.

We would like to wish Ms. Kurth every success, looking forward to a good cooperation.

Stefan Pohl appointed safety officer

According to § 22 Social Security Code VII, § 20 of the Accident Prevention Regulation “Principles of Prevention” (provision 1 of the German Social Accident Insurance), the board and the management have appointed Stefan Pohl safety officer of the entire DTG eG and ARNO Ship GmbH on 1 February 2016. In this context, he has successfully participated in a seminar for inland navigation security officers of the Traffic Trade Association from 15 to 18 February 2016.

We wish Stefan Pohl the best of success and good luck for this additional field of duty.

Adjustment of terms and conditions

The German Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics (DSLV) have updated their previous terms and conditions, issuing the German General Transport Conditions 2016 (ADSp 2016). Apart from ad-justments to the current law, these new terms and conditions contain major novelties on electronic communications and will also provide for the limitation of liability of forwarders.
With inland waterway transportation, DTG will continue to work on the basis of the International Load-ing and Transport Conditions (IVTB, latest version) while forwarding business will now be transacted solely on the basis of the General German Freight Forwarding Terms and Conditions (ADSp 2016, latest version). This reorganization will be communicated by DTG in emails and business papers updated and provided with a corresponding statement on the IVTB and the ADSp 2016.
You are welcome to either request the IVTB and ADSp 2016 from us or read and download them on our website: https://dtg-eg.de/service/downloads

Picture: tarudeone / pixelio.de

Christmas greetings

An eventful year is now coming to an end, which gives us the opportunity to thank all DTG members and their families for their commitment and dedication. It is just these qualities that constitute the DTG.

During the last years, deadlines and time pressure have constantly been increasing, leaving almost no room for rest and recreation. Particularly in these times, solidarity within the cooperative is essential in order to achieve our common goal, the economic success of the DTG.

We wish you all a peaceful and merry Christmas, plenty of time for reflection and joint activities in your families, a Happy New Year and good luck, health and success for 2016.