Farewell to a highly-regarded person

In line with the saying:

“Retirement doesn’t mean old age,
Retirement means enjoying well-earned leisure time after a busy working life”,

we say goodbye to our colleague Heidemarie Günther after exactly 20 years with DTG in Magdeburg. On 31.12.2020 she will start her well-deserved retirement.

H. Guenther

We would like to specially thank Ms. Günther for her tireless work in the area of the inland waterways around Berlin. Her work has produced important and successful results.

For the future we wish her all the very best, and especially constant good health in these challenging times.

ADAC meets inland water transport

In a recent special publication “North Rhine-Westphalia – the water state”, Germany’s biggest motoring club, the ADAC, presented the range of possibilities that the inland waterway system offers and really helped to show its potential.

Here is an excerpt about the DTG and MS “Schönrain”


Source: ADAC Motorwelt/NRW-Regionalmagazin


The roots of our activities as a cooperative in Berlin go right back to the year 1898. After pulling out of the capital around 11 years ago, now is the right time for our return.
From 1 November 2020 the DTG will be present in Berlin once more.

Jan Bergemann

Jan Bergemann has joined us, an expert in the area of inland waterways. For many years he has played an active role in the development of inland water transport and waterway logistics in the Berlin area and surrounding states. His expertise will help drive forward the continuing positive development of the DTG.

With this organisational realignment, we are sure that we have made an important step for the future.
Jan Bergemann will head up our new office from 2 November 2020. The address is:

DTG Deutsche Transport-Genossenschaft Binnenschifffahrt eG
Westhafenstraße 1
Bereich F
13353 Berlin

He can be contacted as follows:

Telefon +49 30 | 4 22 06 86-68
Telefax +49 30 | 4 22 06 86-29
Mobil +49 1 72 | 5 63 58 11
E-Mail bergemann@dtg-eg.de

Anything’s possible – INLAND WATER TRANSPORT!

The operational potential of the inland waterway system often remains hidden for many companies and freight forwarders, especially when it comes to the transport of items with large volumes and weights.

With enough advanced notice, delivery dates can be met with complete reliability. If needed, a barge with the right crew can be operational 24/7. There are virtually no restrictions on dimensions or weights.

For the future, it is necessary to integrate barges into the transport chain as a reliable means of transport. This will help the environment and relieve pressure on the road system.


DTG member vessel GMS”CATHARINA”, loaded with wind turbine blades 67 metres long.

Young talent in our transport planning department

Herr Lasse Küpper

We are also happy that we can support younger people in 2020.

As of 01.08.2020 we have taken on Lasse Küpper as a trainee for transport and logistics.

Lasse Küpper will start by working in our transport planning department in Duisburg. In the course of his time as a trainee, he will also gain experience in other departments and in our subsidiaries.


Geschmückter Tisch

Our former trainee Jana Benli has completed her formal qualification in office management and passed her final examination with flying colours!

We are pleased to announce that we have given her a permanent position in our accounting department, so from now on she is no longer a trainee. She has deserved this not just because she passed her exam, but also because she is a great person who fitted into our team very well during her time as a trainee.

We look forward to working well together in the future.

DTG and WITTIG GmbH provide help during the coronavirus crisis

When we received a call for help from Anita Blinten, who heads up an organisation that provides help to children and families in Krefeld, we didn’t take long to react. Together with the ships’ equipment supplier Wittig GmbH, we organised a donation of 20 packets of toilet paper.

For days on end there was no more toilet paper to be found in the area, a situation caused by the puzzling phenomenon of mass panic buying. As a result, supplies in the children’s home were getting low.

Both the company WITTIG and ourselves hope that we were able to help the 50 children in the home. Above all, we hope that all the children remain healthy during this crisis.