Closure of our branch in Minden

Since our long-time colleague Gert Werlich is retiring after almost exactly 36 years of service, we will close our branch in Minden without replacement on March 24, 2023.

We would like to thank Gert Werlich for his loyalty and reliability and wish him much time and joy with his family in the future.

The complete area, which was serviced by the Minden branch, goes to the Hamburg branch and in particular to Mr. Sascha Scharnow:

Phone: +49 40 | 32 55 75-67
Mobile: +49 1 72 | 6 16 09 01

New colleague for the accounting department

On January 02, 2023 we welcomed our new colleague, Ms. Stefanie Schäfer, at DTG eG.

She will support our accounting and member services.

As she comes from the field of inland navigation, she will quickly settle into her new area of responsibility.

Her contact details:
Phone: +49 203 | 8 00 04-47
Mobile: +49 151 | 46 10 74 34

We are looking forward to a good cooperation.

Stefanie Schäfer










Christmas greeting – 2022

Another year full of challenges is coming to an end.

Especially the war in Ukraine and the many horrible pictures made 2022 a sad year above all.

Nevertheless, our lives go on inexorably and we all work together to overcome the numerous crises and make the world a little more livable again.

Particularly in these difficult times, it is important to switch off from time to time and to block out current world events, especially at Christmas.

Therefore, we wish you for the holidays a “normality” that feels good and not oppressive and of course hope as well as courage, because it is the key to change.

In this sense: Merry Christmas and a better year 2023!


“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Logo – Schutz für Kinder

Since you can’t start early enough to prepare children for safe participation in road traffic, we helped “Schutz für Kinder Medien” in Hamburg to print appropriate textbooks for kindergartens.

Schutz für Kinder Medien” has made it its mission to provide children with free teaching materials with the help of sponsors and in coordination with the authorities. The aim is to teach the children the necessary respect for road traffic in a playful way.

We were immediately very impressed by this commitment. It was evident right away that we had to support this valuable work.

This week, the time had come. We were able to hand over 20 of these wonderful booklets to the neighboring kindergarten in Duisburg-Ruhrort. The kindergarten teachers were very delighted to receive them.

Broschürentitel – Verkehrsunterricht im Kindergarten

Annual General Meeting of the Bundesfachgruppe Schwertransporte und Kranarbeiten (BSK) e.V.


Freely adapted from the legendary national soccer coach Sepp Herberger


was our board member Roberto Spranzi on the occasion of the annual general meeting of the Bundesfachgruppe Schwertransporte und Kranarbeiten (BSK) e.V. on October 14, 2022 in Stuttgart. There, he took the opportunity to introduce the numerous members of the BSK to the possibilities of inland shipping as a mode of transport.

“Here I would like to ask you, because you all hold the strings of action in your hands:
What does inland shipping as a mode of transport have to offer you to make it more inte-resting for you?
Is the training or the job description of a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk still up to date without imparting knowledge about inland shipping?
Shouldn’t all modes of transport be taught equally in order to cover the entire range, the entire spectrum of transport, the logistics chain?
Inland shipping does not want to be a competitor for heavy lift operators and heavy lift forwarders.

What it does want, however, is to be part of the transport chain where it makes recognizable sense, where its use can conserve resources and infrastructure, where it is financially attractive.”

Language overcomes borders

As DTG continues to expand its fleet to include Polish member companies, we are pleased to have gained another interpreter as of October 19, 2022.

Ms. Ksenia Tomczak

is a dispatcher herself and will support us from Stepnica with Polish communication between ship and dispatch.She can be reached as follows:

Tel.: +49 152 | 28 81 03 41

Ms. Monika Gruchala will of course continue to be available for all accounting-related questions.

We are looking forward to a good and communicative cooperation.

Język pokonuje grenice

W zeiązku z dalszym poszerzaniem floty DTG o polskie firmy członkowskie, cieszymy się że od 19.10.2022 roku pozyskaliśmy kolejną tłumaczkę.

Pani Ksenia Tomczak

jest dyspozytorką i będzie nas wspierać ze Stepnica w komunikacji między statkiem a dyspozycją.

Pani K.Tomczak jest w następujący sposób dostępna:

Telefon +49 152 28 81 03 41

Oczywiście Pani Monika Gruchala jest nadal dostępna w przypadku wszelkich pytań dotyczących księgowości.

Cieszymy się na dobra i komunikatywną współpracę.

Ksenia Tomczak


Better late than never – Opening of the new Niederfinow Ship’s Hoist

Schiffshebewerk Niederfinow

After about 14 years of construction, the new Niederfinow Ship’s Hoist was ceremoniously inaugurated on October 4, 2022.

With a height of 55 m, a width of 46 m and a length of now 133 m, larger ships can finally pass.

We hope that this important structure will optimize the waterway connections in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg as well as the Baltic Sea and Berlin and promote the shift of goods in the central and eastern German waterway network to environmentally friendly inland waterway vessels.

Of course, we are particularly pleased that our member Thorsten Fröhlich with his MV “Lusitania” inaugurated the new hoist and was the first ship to pass through it.