DTG changes sides of the Main on 01 March 2

Our previous office in Frankfurt am Main, responsible for chartering and sales in southern Germany, has moved to Offenbach, just a stone’s throw away from its previous location.

The new address is:

Hafenallee 57
63067 Offenbach

The contact details of our employees remain unchanged.

Fotocredit: ROCKYWOOD Offenbach GmbH & Co. KG

DTG joins SPC (ShortSeaShipping Inland Waterway Promotion Center)

Achieving climate targets in particular will lead to changes in traditional cargoes such as fossil fuels. However, new cargoes could play a major role in the future. The spc addresses this issue, for example, with the Bulk and Special Transport (GST) forums or the LogiWind project’s practitioner group, where we sit at the same table as the large and leading plant manufacturers in the wind energy sector under the umbrella of the spc.

These activities are good arguments that prompted us to join on 1 March 2024. We want to take a proactive approach to the upcoming changes. As a cooperative and together with strong networks such as the spc.

Fotocredit: spc engler

New Agency in Belgium

The company TransMatch B.V., Oostkaai 23 A, B-2170 Merksem is now our new agent for the support of our member companies/port money processing in Belgium. Our contact person at TransMatch B.V. is

Mrs Félicité Mertens
E-mail: f.mertens@transmatch.be
Phone: +32 3 4 46 06 03
Mobile: +32 4 78 32 45 63

Congratulations, Hendrik van Aswege!

To combat the shortage of skilled labour in inland navigation, the specialist department WS 21 at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV), which is responsible for the promotion of training and further education in inland navigation, initiated the the first video blog competition and, together with the inland navigation associations BDB and BDS in 2023.

We are delighted that Hendrik van Aswege, son of our member Martin Michael van Aswege (MS “Annegret”) has won this first videoblog competition. With his targeted advertising in the form of lucrative contributions and videos Hendrik shares his profession and his life with a wide audience and is always trying to get young people interested in inland navigation. “Do your best in your training. It’s your best time and we have one of the most beautiful professions in the world,” he said at the award ceremony on the training ship Rhine on 07.02.2024.

Of course, we would also like to congratulate the second and third-placed participants for their fantastic support. We are very pleased about the commitment of the young inland waterway skippers and the trainees themselves and hope that this format will be continued in the weeks to come.


New agency in the Netherlands

The company Gommers Internationaal Bevrachtings- en Scheepvaartkantoor B.V.,
Scheepmakerij 142, NL-3331 MA Zwijndrecht is with immediate effect our new agent for the
support for our member companies/port money processing in the Netherlands.
Our contact person at Gommers B.V. is:

Mr Frank van den Berg
E-mail: frank@gommers-bv.nl
Phone: +31 7 86 19 91 03
Mobile: +31 6 51 17 41 89