DTG participates in art project

As a border and unifying element, the River Rhine has always been a symbol of Franco-German relationship. Thus, it was selected by the Bonn artist Hannah Schneider as a motive for her film “arpenter le rhin/bäuchlings auf dem Rhein” (“measuring the Rhine”). The shooting took place on board the MS Hartenfels, a DTG fleet ship.
Last year, Hannah Schneider received the art award contemporary 2013 by two Rotary Clubs, Bonn and Strasbourg, for her complete works. This award, presented in 2014 in the context of Franco-German friendship, is aimed at young artists under the age of 35. Three exhibitions frame the award ceremony: while in the first exhibition venue, Bonn, Rhine sand was the defining element, a movie on board the MS Hartenfels has now resulted for the follow-up exhibition in Strasbourg. “The idea to make the film on a cargo ship originated while studying the Rhine as a connecting element between both countries, and the venues themselves,” says 30-year-old Schneider. Via DTG, contact was made with Bernd Hink, owner of the 82 metre long and 8.2 metre wide MS Hartenfels. And it was rather easy for Schneider to convince Hink of her art project: “We are accustomed to quite some hustle and bustle aboard. After all, the vessel has been serving as a scene for various reports for the German television stations ZDF, WDR, and VOX.” Reporters, too, have stayed several times on this historic ship built in 1927. The project had a good start.

Premiere in Strasbourg
The film premiere, which was accompanied by an organ improvisation, took place in the church Temple Neuf in Strasbourg on April 24, 2014 – unfortunately, without captain Hink, who is a full time boatman. The third exhibition station for Hannah Schneider will soon be Saint-Louis in Alsace. She won’t tell what she has exactly planned for this event, but should a cargo ship play any role… DTG will certainly be collaborative.