On 20th March 2014, the two board members of DTG, Roberto Spranzi and Matthias Bunger, took part in a joint parliamentary evening on the issue of Shipping and Ports Policy in the 18th Legislative Period in Berlin, conducted by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Binnenschifffahrt e.V. (BBD, German Federal Association of Inland Water Transportation) and the Bundesverband Öffentlicher Binnenhäfen e.V. (BÖB, German Federal Association of Public River Ports). The highest ranking visitor to the event was German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt.

Addressing about 200 guests, the Minister pointed out the prominent role inland navigation is going to take within the next four years, for example in the advancement of the future Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan. That is why Federal Government directs targeted support to the inland navigation industry, like financing the Duisburg training ship Rhein. In addition, 350 million euros will be invested in inland waterways. BDB president Georg Hötte and the Minister agreed that well-constructed waterways are essential for shipping to develop its full potential.

The BDB President invited Alexander Dobrindt to Duisburg to present the training centre for German inland navigation to him. On that occasion, the Minister may as well test his skills for navigating a barge in a shallow water driving simulator.