IWT meets "Almighurt"

Rainer Pinnow is usually on duty for DTG with his motor vessel Moira. Yet, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary celebration of “Ehrmann’s Almighurt”, a joghurt speciality of the nationally renowned Bavarian dairy company, he has converted his ship and is currently on tour event on the rivers Rhine and Main.

The complete conversion of the vessel took almost six weeks, including both the exterior and the cargo area. Among others, 120 tons of material were installed and almost 5 km of cable laid to make it shine in typical Bavarian splendour.

The events at the various stops are open to the public and an experience you don’t want to miss. There will be live music by the band “Happy Bavarians”, typical Bavarian food, games, raffles, and worth knowing about the Allgäu region and the agriculture. Everybody can enjoy himself and have a good time on deck or in the inboard dining area.

More photos and information about the tour, which will cease on 13th August 2014 in Kehl, can be found at www.ms-moira.online.de and at www.almighurt.de.