Spranzi re-elected to Restricted Board of “Schifferbörse zu Duisburg-Ruhrort e.V.”

The CEO of DTG, Roberto Spranzi, participated in the Exchange Session of the traditional “Schifferbörse zu Duisburg-Ruhrort e.V” on 27 November 2014. Again, the members of the Exchange Session appointed Spranzi to serve as Vice Chairman for Frank Wittig and passed a vote of confidence in favour of the entire Executive Board, acknowledging their work. After the election, Spranzi signed his name in the Golden Visitors’ Book of the “Schifferbörse e.V.”, which is quite a speciality, as this book is even older than the Golden Visitors’ Book of the City of Duisburg.

After that, the “Schifferbörse zu Duisburg-Ruhrort e. V.” hosted the traditional “Schiffermahl”, a meal for all participants symbolizing the connection between shipowners, barge owners, shippers, and forwarding agents in the system of inland waterways. The “Schifferbörse” significantly promotes cooperation of all groups involved in inland waterway, representing their joint interests towards policy, administration, and public.

Copyright: Niederrheinische IHK (Lower Rhine Chamber of Trade and Industry)