In 1898, the Transport-Genossenschaft zu Berlin (TGB) emerged as the first cooperative association in private boatman navigation – a precursor of today’s DTG. The following 20th century saw numerous start-ups which, in turn, resulted in several associations. Finally, the regionally active fleets of the Transport-Genossenschaft Binnenschiffahrt eG and the Partikulier-Transport-Genossenschaft “Jus et Justitia” eG merged in 1990 to form today’s DTG. For the first time, a confederation of canal and Rhine shipping existed.

Today, DTG is active across Germany with well over 100 ships scheduled by branch offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Magdeburg, and Frankfurt am Main. In addition, the cooperative has international offices in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Szczecin, while the head office is located in Duisburg, Europe’s largest inland port. Currently, more than 20 experts with specific local knowledge work in a dense network of branches and representative offices to create and efficiently implement customized solutions in the field of inland waterway transport.