Good quality is no self-evident feature. In fact, it requires a fundamental and continuous quality management essential for lasting improvement of our processes and services. These include regular training of both private boatmen and DTG staff in all branch offices. We may as well refer to numerous certificates documenting our standards since the very beginning of our work. Periodic recertification audits, training, and quality controls also ensure a high transport standard and help us improve various administrative and transport-related processes.

Thus, DTG has been certified by the Schutter Certification B.V. ISO 9001:2008. Furthermore, our GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification guarantees continuous compliance with the guidelines for quality assurance of production processes and environment for the transport of food and feeding stuffs or premixed and compound feeds on inland waterways. DTG and all affiliated barges are certified for these transports according to hygiene standard GMP+ B4 or B4.3.