“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

Logo – Schutz für Kinder

Since you can’t start early enough to prepare children for safe participation in road traffic, we helped “Schutz für Kinder Medien” in Hamburg to print appropriate textbooks for kindergartens.

Schutz für Kinder Medien” has made it its mission to provide children with free teaching materials with the help of sponsors and in coordination with the authorities. The aim is to teach the children the necessary respect for road traffic in a playful way.

We were immediately very impressed by this commitment. It was evident right away that we had to support this valuable work.

This week, the time had come. We were able to hand over 20 of these wonderful booklets to the neighboring kindergarten in Duisburg-Ruhrort. The kindergarten teachers were very delighted to receive them.

Broschürentitel – Verkehrsunterricht im Kindergarten